Quick Facts

Total Spent for Public Schools from Federal, State and Local Sources in 2019-20:

$ 16.1 Billion

Percentage of State Budget Dedicated to K-12 Schools:


Annual Average Projected Compensation for Teachers for the 2020-21 school year :


Annual Median NC Household Income (includes all household income) for 2019 :


Annual Median Wage (individual) in NC for a person with a bachelor’s degree for 2019 :


Annual Median Wage (individual) in NC for 2019 :


Average instructional supplies funding per teacher in 2019-20:


Average textbook funding per student in 2019-20


Note - The compensation estimates above for teachers do not include annual estimated benefits which total $22,357, including annual health benefits of $6,647, annual estimated Social Security contributions of $4,131 and annual estimated retirement contribution of $11,578.


This website provides information on the NC Public School finances along with associated performance and operational measures.